Organization combine social network in their operation

We already know social media will positive influence in organization. Thus, we can think how can combine social network in company. We get some information which is ProMOS does not use Facebook and Twitter in their firm. Therefore, we can think what kinds of challenge they will face it, and create some strategies solve their problems.

According to their network situation, ProMOS between internal and external network cannot connect together. We can create below strategies to solve their problems in the future. There are 5 steps to an effective social media strategy:

  1. Assessment
  2. Implementation
  3. Monitor
  4. Measure
  5. Momentum

I will describe second one section (implementation), and my group members will describe other section.Corporations may introduce and implement Facebook and Twitter in their organization.


Due to Facebook has below features, thus it will positive influence in company.

  1. Profiles
  2. Wall
  3. Pokes
  4. Photos
  5. Status
  6. Dynamic privacy
  7. Chat
  8. Gifts
  9. Groups and Fan Pages
  10.  Open API


  1. Subscription
  2. Immediateness
  3. Hashtags
  4. Shortened URLs


  1. Create a group: It is not public group, only related manufacturers and team members can join it.
  2. Describe organization anticipate goals
  3. Share idea
  4. Product develop process and progress
  5. Items developed divide the work
  6. Create item draft
  7. Vote different opinion


  1. Create a fan pages
  2. Update related product information
  3. Hold some activities attract more consumers follow fan pages (e.g. lottery draw)
  4. Collaborate with other manufacturers and persuade them integrate product sell
  5. Display products information
  6. Extend market business
  7. Collect consumers feedback

When ProMOS implement social network, it will have some result. They may get some benefits in their internal and external section.

Internal section

  1. Quickly get expertise and resources
  2. Get some innovative idea
  3. Enhance collaboration with manufacturers
  4. Effective leadership development and moral

External section

  1. Strengthen customer and consumer relationships
  2. Easily contact with clients, suppliers, stakeholders and partners
  3. Effectively increase reputation

Group members strategies:

#1  Assessment of Organization (Andy)

#2 Social network implementation in organization (Rick)

#3 Monitoring (Danny)

#4 Using social networking to measure in an organization (Denni)

#5 Social network gains momentum at business (Owen)


  1. 3 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy
  2. 8 Useful Tips To Become Successful With Twitter
  3. Facebook Hits One Billion Active Users


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Wiki in enterprise

Our week 9 mission is Wiki in enterprise. According to assignment 2, our blog need to relate to our choose organization. Hence, let’s start off with a brief introduction to the company that myself and my group members Andy, Rick, Owen, Denni and Danny. We are going to be working on, ProMOS.

According to this week topic is wiki, so I will describe some wiki features first. Wiki is kind of hypertext which is multi-people collaborate and create system. They allow users add, modify and delete content via a web browser. Ward Cunningham defines wiki is social computing system that allows a group of users using simple descriptions to create and connect a set of web pages. Based on wiki has security issues, users using need to be careful. However, wiki has multi-people modify features, so some corporations still use it to help customers developing their project documents.

There are some characteristic when corporations using wiki in their company

  1. Project Management
  2. Technology support
  3. Research and development
  4. Event planning
  5. Reference material
  6. Customer relationship management
  7. Collaborative document production
  8. Collaboration with external parties

ProMOS is an information technology hardware manufacturer which manufactures Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). However, the corporation does not use enough social media, such as wiki. Hence, I provide some strategies to solve their problems.

1. They need to extension and develop wiki slides which can get internal and external customers opinion

We find they lack of enough internal and external between staffs and customers communication platforms. In wiki website, users cannot find any information about ProMOS. Hence, they should immediately create a wiki that can easily collect employees and customers’ comments. As a result, guest may smoothly search ProMOS related information, such as development history, organization framework and operation process.

2. Wiki pages separate internal and external communication

According to wiki is a multi-people modify system, ProMOS need to separate two different pages. In internal page, there are only staffs and relate customers can edit here. Hence, staffs may report their working progress and developing process that help customers monitor and understand product situation. Besides, clients may provide their products’ requirement and structure, and also give some feedback for the company. It can successfully improve products disadvantages and increase products quality. As a result, wiki has a positive influence in corporations.

Group members strategies:

#1 Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge (Andy)

#2 Internal and external wiki communication in corporation (Rick)

#3 Organization Integration Plan (Denni)

#4  Raise productivity (Owen)

#5 Generation, design and control new projects in the company (Danny)


  1. ProMOS
  2. Wiki
  3. Why do we need a Corporate Strategy Wiki?
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Micro-blogging strategies in organization

Blogging and micro-blogging are the same in essentials while differing in minor points. Creating a blog post need to spend a period time, however, micro-blogging does not need to write long post. Micro blogging has some attraction which features are immediacy and portability. The Micro blogging allow users publish a short post which is between 140 and 200 characters. People will focus on some micro-blogging charms. The first one is group conversation function and another one is cross-platform data interactive and interactive. Micro-blogging also is web 2.0 tools that allow the user to broadcast short messages to other users of service. Its greatest feature is integration and Application Program Interface (API) open type, hence, user can through their mobile devices, instant messaging software (e.g. gtalk、MSN、QQ、Skype) and external API interface publish information in their micro-blogging.

Our groups 5 Micro-blogging strategy:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites (Andy)

#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging (Rick)

#3  Micro-blogging marketing with 5W1H (Denni)

#4 Utilize micro-blogging enhance strategy for business marketing of advertisement (Owen)

#5 Reputation management and recovery in times of crisis (Danny)

Some blog providers:

  1. Blogger: The blog was merged in 2003 by Google. Blogger has high custom and no advertisements. Therefore, they are one of the largest blogging platforms.
  2. Automattic provides blog writing and publishing service in 2003. The blog also has high custom and no advertisements. Besides, they are one of the largest blogging platforms

Some micro-blogging providers:

Twitter: They provide micro-blogging service start from 2006. Some people say Twitter is similar the Internet’s short message service.

Plurk: This is micro-blogging social networking sites. The website was started by 2008. Although Plurk function is similar Twitter, they have a timeline which record this user with friends chatting history.

Google Buzz: The micro-blogging was developed by Google. Google Buzz is integrated in gmail. However, Google develops Google+ and stops Google Buzz service in 2011.

Jaiku:  Jaiku is a social networking sites and micro-blogging service. The function is similar Twitter. Jaiku started from 2006, and was merged in 2007 by Google. Especially, Jaiku provides lifestreaming function which integrates numerous the Internet activities, such as Flickr photo and music.

Some strategies using in organization

  1. Integrate micro-blogging become a communication plan: Customers can provide their feedback which is consuming experience and opinion in micro-blogging. Staffs share their product develop plans and ideas. In this section, micro-blogging can separate external and internal.
  2. Follow competitors and counterattack their policy: Micro-blogging provides a platform which can get competitors information and monitor state. When corporations know competitors have a new policy, they can immediately strike back it. Besides, they also can observe competitors with their followers’ interaction.
  3. Timely hold sales promotion and give some vouchers: In micro-blogging, corporation can timely hold activities which can increase company followers. Putting some special title and attract guests attention.

Starbucks’ case study

Starbucks using Twitter has a long time now. They share some interesting activities, music information and charity-related topics in Twitter. They also use Twitter communication with their customers. Besides, Starbucks has over 30000 followers who   not only attend entertainment, but also focus other topic, such as charity-related. As a result, Starbucks already accept micro-blogging as a new way of customer relationship management.


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  3. Twitter
  4. Plurk
  5. Starbucks
  6. Starbucks Twitter
  7. Coffee Break: How coffee companies do micro-blogging
  8. Implementing a successful corporate micro-blogging strategy
  9. Enterprise Micro blog architecture
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Some airport examples using social media

Changi Airport (SIN)

Changi Airport is an international airport which has innovatively use social media in Singapore. Changi Airport widely used social media in airport, such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. According to traditional advertising approach comparison, using social media has more publicity and marketing. Therefore, it also can save or decrease extra advertisement costs. Significantly, using social media attracts more customers than before and brings even more enormous business opportunities and income. Finally, Changi Airport increases 13% sales in six months, as well as they also gain 260,000 Youtube users’ feedback.

Manchester Airport (MAN)

Manchester Airport wins a Twitter’ award which is the best airport. The airport through Twitter publishes some vouchers. Twitter not only use in customer service and communicating information, but also apply in entertainment section. Therefore, in propagate activities part, using Twitter can more successful and smooth because it will increase shops of airport turnover and improve retail shops operational state. As a result, Manchester Airport use Twitter in their social media which can increase followers, encourage people participation, extend entertainment motivation and raise shops income.

Besides, I find some slides it may help us increase our Brisbane Airport:

Top 10 Social Media Initiatives by Airports

SimpliFlying Awards for Social Media Excellence – Finalist presentations



  1. An Air of Opportunity – The future for social media and airports
  2. Manchester Airport’s multi-platform mobile site
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Return on investment (ROI) on social media of influence

This is ROI formula:

Many corporations use Return on investment (ROI) to evaluate business performance and efficiency of investment. When Enterprise 2.0 relate to incomes and costs, it is difficult evaluation and calculation directly. Many firms prefer to use money to evaluate value. However, some benefits cannot use money to replace it, such as productivity, employees’ loyalty and corporation’ reputation. Companies’ implement several policies need to pay extra costs. Hence, many corporations using social media because of low costs, and companies do not spend more time to training their staffs. It can greatly decrease policy of implementation costs and increase to anticipate benefits.

The gains from productivity

The corporation use social media which have a lot of communication and interaction can effectively collect and integrate idea and experience. Staffs may through these social media improve mistake even get new thinking. When employees introduce new idea in working, their productivity will become more powerful.

The gains from employees

Some firms manage staffs who will think employees using too many social media may affect regular working efficiency. However, staffs may through social media share their thinking and opinion, so employees will feel freer and sense of presence. Finally, it can increase staffs’ loyalty in corporation. Besides, employees’ feedback can assist manager to make a correct policy timely.

The gains from corporation

In corporation section, high quality productivity and loyal staffs will affect companies’ positive growth. Customers and employees have immediately feedback in social media which can provide fine exchange platform. Therefore, corporations progressively improve their mistake and achieve customers’ requirement. Ultimately, the company gains their reputation.

Some return on investment (ROI) examples


Vamplets is a small business. They are using Facebook advertising propagate their company. However, Vamplets needs to pay $250 cost of advertising per month, and then they gain extra $1000 income actually. This is their positive return on investment of 300%.


The Creme Brulee Man is a food truck in the America. They update their next location via Twitter. They allow have new customers following their new state at any time. Besides, using Twitter remind customers they will move to new location. In just over a year the Creme Brulee Man Twitter account has gathered over 12,000 followers which have a huge number.


Houlihan’s is a restaurant chain in the America. They have around 100 restaurants.  Their main competitor is Applebees. Houlihan manager runs a private social network which is called “HQ”. They are via social media and e-mail send exclusive discounts and promotions to customers. In 2008, they are quickly built up 10,000 members of the network. Hence, social media also can increase ROI for small company.


  1. The ROI of social media: 10 case studies
  2. 34 case studies that prove social media ROI
  3. Enterprise social software blog
  4. 50 social media case studies worth bookmarking
  5. What’s the ROI on social media? Metrics, equations, case studies & a conference
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International Business Machines Corporation & Social Media Policy

Social media already affect our regular life. No one can say they do not need to use social media. Thus, numerous corporations use social media services in their operation, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog and LinkedIn. Corporation would like to use these tools improve business of company and increase staffs’ interaction with company. However, using social media services may cause some risks and threaten a company’s safety. The problem may use social media tools which between personal life and work life blurred boundaries. Therefore, social media policy will solve some problems and decrease unnecessary risks. The legal risks can be divided into two sections: internal and external.

Using International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) analyse legal risks

In IBM, they use some internal wiki and blog platform. Thus they have some legal risks, and need to make relevant policies.

 Legal risks Relevant policy
Confidential information &reputation risk Identify yourself—name and role at IBM.When you discuss IBM or IBM-related matters, such as IBM products or services. You must make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of IBM.
Privacy risks & reputation risks IBM employees publish some posts in blog or other social network website, they should responsible the content which does not reveal any privacy information.
Reputation risks If staffs publish some personal concept, they should use disclaimer such as this: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.”
Confidential information Do not provide IBM confidential information or professional information, especially data does not be published.
Copyright Respect copyright. If partners or suppliers do not allow, do not use citation and references.
Defamation Respect your audience. Don’t use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in IBM’s workplace.
Misstatement If occur some wrong, correct own mistake first.
Copyright and trademark Do not directly use IBM logos or trademarks when using behaviour does not be permitted.

IBM supports open communication and exchange of ideas. Thus employees and corporation have a fine interaction. Besides, respect copyright and fair use laws, protect confidential information and professional information. If you make an error, quickly correct your mistake, it can help to restore trust.


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The benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation

People can find there are some benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation. They divide four concepts in Enterprise 2.0 benefits which is productivity and efficiency, staff engagement, knowledge and reputation. There have different effect when corporation successful using Enterprise 2.0 assists their operation of company. Thus, corporation also note return on investment (ROI).


Productivity and efficiency:

  1. Increased whole productivity
  2. Successful proposal management
  3. Development of innovation and products
  4. Enhanced team capability

Staff engagement

  1. Increased staff engagement and internal communication
  2. Increased collaborative chance, such as customers or stockholder
  3. Shared learning opportunities and development


  1. Enhanced professional knowledge and organisational capabilities
  2. Improved search


  1. Extended corporation reputation
  2. Attracted more customers and employers
  3. Enhanced position of corporation in marketplace

Corporation introducing the benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation


 UNIQLO is top 10 apparel retailers in the world. UNIQLO is start from 1963 that is design male, female and children fashion clothes. They have opened numerous stores in the world, such as America, Japan, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China. Their problem is UNIQLO would like to collect information and feedback from local stores. However, each store only two computers linked to headquarters, besides, getting information from stores across the globe is also a challenge.

Enterprise 2.0 solution – Staff engagement

UNIQLO uses Movable Type platform which is blog content management system in March 2006. The blog connect their all store, thus they allow their employees communicate and real-time customer feedback. UNIQLO choose Movable Type because it is easy to use. Therefore, their full-time and part-time staffs can through mobile phone participant blog access and comment. Absolutely, customers can directly post their reflection in UNIQLO’s blog. It can effectively increase staff engagement. The UNIQLO headquarters may easily collect local stores information and feedback. Thus, getting customers’ feedback improves and solves their requirement


MWW Group

MWW Group is one of the top 10 public relations firm in the world. They operate in numerous fields, such as consumer marketing, government relations, corporate and financial communication, public affairs, healthcare and technology. They also have multinational companies, thus MWW Group needs some collaboration tools to management projects. It can assist them to gather a lot of information and other competitor intelligence. MWW Group also depends on the Internet tools which can directly update real-time news, as well as communication with customers.

Enterprise 2.0 solution – Productivity and Efficiency

MWW Group chooses a wiki which is called Socialtext, it solves their existing problems. Socialtext can follow marketing, connect media, post blogs and publish podcast. Their staffs found some benefits are they can reduce e-mail overload, especially some large attachment, such as Microsoft office files and Portable Document Format (PDF). MWW Group uses Socialtext because it is easy to use. Socialtext which is based on web interface training does not spend too much time. Internal staffs use wiki to manage project and keep public relations activities schedule. Using Socialtext before, they should check e-mail and write memorandum every day. Fortunately, the situation is different than before, and e-mail server also be improved.



  2. Movable Type
  3. MWW Group
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