Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

What is Enterprise 2.0?

Enterprise 2.0 is using Web 2.0 tool and logical to manage Enterprise. Web 2.0 idea is from Tim O’ Reilly. The core is used, this user create and develop content. In software interface is open situation, the content will be developed. Thus, users can develop content is freedom. For example, Wiki can multi-user write the content, open source software and social media they are traditionally Web 2.0 type.

Enterprise 2.0 is Web 2.0 extend concept. Using Enterprise 2.0 can find some corporation internal knowledge, help staff share their personal experience, hire new workers and decrease employee turnover.

What is Enterprise 2.0 advantage and barrier?

Enterprise 2.0 has some advantage. Corporation can improve cooperation and increase product quality and productivity, improving staff creativity and productivity, reducing work content of repetitive, decreasing corporation extra cost of expenses, and improving whole working process.

Enterprise 2.0 has also some barrier problem existence. For example, tradition working approach will be changed, the cost of uncertainty, working timetable and transition period, and scared.

Enterprise 2.0 framework

Using two ways in Enterprise 2.0

The first approach is using electronic contacts. Using Internet is known new co-workers the best way. When staffs used electronic contacts, they can search co-worker’s post and name. Thus electronic contacts will also show co-worker personal detail, such as personal blog, personal background and personal experience. Employee can also use message function send message to co-workers. If the group will do some projects, the group members can discuss or exchange opinion with other members first. Department and department between can share their information.

Secondly, create company exclusive blog. Blog has flexible and fast share information feature, thus corporation will directly update their information. By the way, blog has also easy maintenance and management. Thus blog can replace corporation internal publication, decrease unnecessary extra fee. In contact aspect, blog has more dynamic function, so it is more convenient than traditional website.

Existing blog example

The wretch (1)

The wretch is a famous blog in Taiwan. A lot of people use this create personal blog. The wretch provides album feature, thus user can update personal photos and share to their friends. On the other hand, albums can become private. If albums setup password, only know password readers can be visited. People can create personal blog frame or use official style. The wretch also provides background music function. Blog will play suitable music when other readers reading their blog. Blog owner can add people become friends. It is useful feature to read friends blog next time. They has provide relationship root feature. People use this function may find more friends. The wretch will record how many people visit this blog per day. Blog owner may find who visit their blog if readers have login account. Users can pay some fees and get more high features, such as expand album capacity, popular background music option and more fashion blog frame.


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10 Responses to Personal 2.0 Strategies – Enterprise 2.0

  1. Rxxxna says:

    I think Enterprise 2.0 is very useful in corporation. Company can use this technology in their working. Group member can also use Enterprise 2.0 share their information and idea.

  2. Maggie says:

    We can directly use Enterprise 2.0 to share our thinking and decrease any embarrassing situation. It is helpful tools.

  3. PINK says:

    Web 1.0 is lack of interaction and sharing of motivation. Thus Web 1.0 does not have enough enterprise strategies and value.

  4. ilkokimo says:

    Yes. So I think why Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 is more popular now.

  5. andy says:

    Using Enterprise 2.0 can increase employee loyalty. Because staff may feel low stress when they share their opinion in blog. It is a freedom platform.

  6. ilkokimo says:

    High quality employee will stay in this corporation, and they also happily share their opinion. It is may increase company development, and using Enterprise 2.0 can also easily manage staffs.

  7. PrapatW says:

    Hi ilkokimo, nice post. However shouldn’t you mention about your strategies for a successful blogging? I’m new to blogging so if you can please visit me at and give me some comment so that I can improve my blog.


    Prapat W.

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