My experience of using Web 2.0 tools

The Internet has various Web 2.0 tools now. People can use Web 2.0 tools to share their information and leave opinion, such as Wiki, Twitter and Really Simple Syndication (RSS). We can find how Web 2.0 tools can assist personal productivity.

Some personal using Web 2.0 tools experience


Twitter is my new register Web 2.0 tools. I already know Twitter about many years ago. However, it is not famous in Taiwan. I register Twitter and try to use it. At first, I cannot control Twitter very well because it is not my familiar platform. When I use several times, I found some benefits in Twitter. We can compare Blog and Twitter. If blog publish large blog, thus Twitter just publishes small blog. People directly post their news and upgrade situation. Twitter characteristic is similar send traditional message to people. The system default setting is public message, thus everyone can see the posts.  Users can also subscribe other user messages that behavior is called following. Therefore, another particular feature is Twitter’s message may plus hashtags. When users send message to other users, they can use some symbols, such as # and @. In corporation, employees share their department new state. It is fast and direct than traditional paper official document. In traditional way, co-workers use e-mail to transmit events. Although e-mail still useful now, unfortunately, e-mail will be missed by staffs. Thus, Twitter is kind of useful way between co-workers transmit information.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

People will browse blog and website to get information. However, it is classic ways and spends many times in there. People use RSS may save their time. When staffs browse website and blog, they can subscribe RSS. Thus, RSS will send the information to subscriber’s e-mail. In RSS, the content is quite simple. There are no large capacity pictures, only news headlines or feed. If readers would like to read more clearly or whole content, they can click RSS reader provides links to see it. In user concept, they get information from website and blog is passive, but RSS reader is active supply news to users now. Company may subscribe some blog or website RSS if they interesting which get various data. Workers use RSS to collect useful information, thus they working have more efficient.


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  2. Wiki
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13 Responses to My experience of using Web 2.0 tools

  1. PINK says:

    Using Really Simple Syndication that make employees direct to catch significant information which events are they want to know. Thus, workers do not need to spend more time search and collect data.

  2. ilkokimo says:

    Absolutely!! Staffs may do more things and have high quality working result.

  3. Fiona LEE says:

    Actually, Twitter is not famous in some corporation. However, they can try to use Twitter in their company. It may decrease to publish a new announcement for waiting time.

  4. ilkokimo says:

    Corporation and staffs may try to use Twitter. They may get some extra benefit if their companies use Twitter.

  5. Web 2.0 tool can help corporation in their operation. However, it should exercise in positive way and process..

  6. Adam Cassar says:

    RSS feeds are also very useful to individual users as well because of how much you can customize your feed. I think mostly very large businesses will utilize Twitter as free advertisement while smaller ones tend to have more of a passive wall on facebook to advertise special offers.

    • ilkokimo says:

      Hi, Adam. Corporation may increase their operating income because they advertise their company in Twitter and Facebook. The company reputation can be extend.

  7. EDIE CHENG says:

    I highly agree with you about your user experience of Twitter. It took me a while when the first time I tried to tweet something. To be honest, i personally think its user interface is not very intuitive when compares to Plurk!

    • Rick, WANG says:

      I think if Twitter has more interface of humanization, it may increase their users. Thus, when people use Twitter in first time, they cannot control successful. Sometimes the user will think why this tools is so difficult use it.

  8. atang28 says:

    Hey Rick, very good post! At first i didn’t know what the big fuss was with twitter, i just thought it was a bird icon, but from this unit i can see that twitter is a web 2.0 tool that allows you to follow your friends, icons and people it allows you to stay in touch with things you are interested in.

    At first i didnt know how to use twitter, i was confused and still abit confused, but i learnt that twitter is used by many people and is in the top 3 of social medias used along with facebook.

    • Rick, WANG says:

      I think in twitter platform, people can update their any state also include casual state. However, they are not easy to control at first time. Thus, the new user may to try how to use it. If twitter has more humanized design platform, they may increase more users.

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