The benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation

People can find there are some benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation. They divide four concepts in Enterprise 2.0 benefits which is productivity and efficiency, staff engagement, knowledge and reputation. There have different effect when corporation successful using Enterprise 2.0 assists their operation of company. Thus, corporation also note return on investment (ROI).


Productivity and efficiency:

  1. Increased whole productivity
  2. Successful proposal management
  3. Development of innovation and products
  4. Enhanced team capability

Staff engagement

  1. Increased staff engagement and internal communication
  2. Increased collaborative chance, such as customers or stockholder
  3. Shared learning opportunities and development


  1. Enhanced professional knowledge and organisational capabilities
  2. Improved search


  1. Extended corporation reputation
  2. Attracted more customers and employers
  3. Enhanced position of corporation in marketplace

Corporation introducing the benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation


 UNIQLO is top 10 apparel retailers in the world. UNIQLO is start from 1963 that is design male, female and children fashion clothes. They have opened numerous stores in the world, such as America, Japan, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China. Their problem is UNIQLO would like to collect information and feedback from local stores. However, each store only two computers linked to headquarters, besides, getting information from stores across the globe is also a challenge.

Enterprise 2.0 solution – Staff engagement

UNIQLO uses Movable Type platform which is blog content management system in March 2006. The blog connect their all store, thus they allow their employees communicate and real-time customer feedback. UNIQLO choose Movable Type because it is easy to use. Therefore, their full-time and part-time staffs can through mobile phone participant blog access and comment. Absolutely, customers can directly post their reflection in UNIQLO’s blog. It can effectively increase staff engagement. The UNIQLO headquarters may easily collect local stores information and feedback. Thus, getting customers’ feedback improves and solves their requirement


MWW Group

MWW Group is one of the top 10 public relations firm in the world. They operate in numerous fields, such as consumer marketing, government relations, corporate and financial communication, public affairs, healthcare and technology. They also have multinational companies, thus MWW Group needs some collaboration tools to management projects. It can assist them to gather a lot of information and other competitor intelligence. MWW Group also depends on the Internet tools which can directly update real-time news, as well as communication with customers.

Enterprise 2.0 solution – Productivity and Efficiency

MWW Group chooses a wiki which is called Socialtext, it solves their existing problems. Socialtext can follow marketing, connect media, post blogs and publish podcast. Their staffs found some benefits are they can reduce e-mail overload, especially some large attachment, such as Microsoft office files and Portable Document Format (PDF). MWW Group uses Socialtext because it is easy to use. Socialtext which is based on web interface training does not spend too much time. Internal staffs use wiki to manage project and keep public relations activities schedule. Using Socialtext before, they should check e-mail and write memorandum every day. Fortunately, the situation is different than before, and e-mail server also be improved.



  2. Movable Type
  3. MWW Group
  4. Socialtext
  5. 21 Enterprise 2.0 Success Stories
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9 Responses to The benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0 implementation

  1. atang28 says:

    Hi Rick, very good blog! I definitely agree that the benefits of Implementing enterprise 2.0 allows for productivity, efficiency, staff engagement and reputation! The list of cooperation you have selected justifies the benefits of enterprise 2.0 within. If you have a change take a look at my blog!

  2. Alan Yang says:

    However, introducing Enterprise 2.0 in corporation still have some risk.

  3. Jack, LUO says:

    Different type have different benefits. It depend on what approach they using in their corporation.

  4. Denni says:

    Hi Rick
    I’m interested that you given the UNIQLO and MWW group example. Their common is that they use Web2.0 tools to extension into the Enterprise 2.0 idea. So company can understand the idea of employees also know their clients needs. They have obviously managed the risks in order to get the benefit of better communication. Nice post.

  5. EDIE CHENG says:


    it’s a good idea for UNIQLO to encourage their staff actively participate in the platform, but it might be a burden if they need to monitor and engage during their free time. Besides, I am more interested about whether they launch this anonymously or you need to login. And whether there exists negative internal/external comments from their staff. 😀

    • Rick, WANG says:

      Yes. In my opinion, staffs may cannot use blog very well. Some people do not like information technology devices, they would rather use traditional approach. Besides, manage blog also have other issues, if they allow user anonymous.

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