Some airport examples using social media

Changi Airport (SIN)

Changi Airport is an international airport which has innovatively use social media in Singapore. Changi Airport widely used social media in airport, such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. According to traditional advertising approach comparison, using social media has more publicity and marketing. Therefore, it also can save or decrease extra advertisement costs. Significantly, using social media attracts more customers than before and brings even more enormous business opportunities and income. Finally, Changi Airport increases 13% sales in six months, as well as they also gain 260,000 Youtube users’ feedback.

Manchester Airport (MAN)

Manchester Airport wins a Twitter’ award which is the best airport. The airport through Twitter publishes some vouchers. Twitter not only use in customer service and communicating information, but also apply in entertainment section. Therefore, in propagate activities part, using Twitter can more successful and smooth because it will increase shops of airport turnover and improve retail shops operational state. As a result, Manchester Airport use Twitter in their social media which can increase followers, encourage people participation, extend entertainment motivation and raise shops income.

Besides, I find some slides it may help us increase our Brisbane Airport:

Top 10 Social Media Initiatives by Airports

SimpliFlying Awards for Social Media Excellence – Finalist presentations



  1. An Air of Opportunity – The future for social media and airports
  2. Manchester Airport’s multi-platform mobile site
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6 Responses to Some airport examples using social media

  1. atang says:

    Hey Rick, good blog about current social media adopted by Airlines. Twitter, facebook, youtube etc are great ways for airports to engage with their customers, whether it is to promote specials, increase sales or awareness. Great examples!

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Yes, I think proper using social media may successfully increase airports around retail shops turnover. Besides, the airport will be more international by reputation. As a result, the airport will stay in a benign cycle between.

  2. Denni says:

    Hello Rick. Good example for the top 10 airport using social media. These airports are using social media platforms to promote their promotions, and to know the latest news of the airport platform to create high-quality information through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, so that not only help to prepare passengers before leaving the country, but also help to the internal management the whole of (management mechanism).

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Denni,
      Airports using social media have effectively update their dynamic information. They can update some news at any time, and also help managers administer airports. Hence, airports introduce social media are significant.

  3. sukhshans says:

    Many airports have started using social media and blogging to communicate with people. One example of an airport blog that I want to share is a blog by Asheville Regional Airport . However, it is also possible to find unofficial blogs that talk about airports such as this link


    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hi Sukshan,
      thank you provide some links for me. I think airports using social media is successful. They can effectively increase their airports reputation. As a result, the airport will become more famous.

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