Micro-blogging strategies in organization

Blogging and micro-blogging are the same in essentials while differing in minor points. Creating a blog post need to spend a period time, however, micro-blogging does not need to write long post. Micro blogging has some attraction which features are immediacy and portability. The Micro blogging allow users publish a short post which is between 140 and 200 characters. People will focus on some micro-blogging charms. The first one is group conversation function and another one is cross-platform data interactive and interactive. Micro-blogging also is web 2.0 tools that allow the user to broadcast short messages to other users of service. Its greatest feature is integration and Application Program Interface (API) open type, hence, user can through their mobile devices, instant messaging software (e.g. gtalk、MSN、QQ、Skype) and external API interface publish information in their micro-blogging.

Our groups 5 Micro-blogging strategy:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites (Andy)

#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging (Rick)

#3  Micro-blogging marketing with 5W1H (Denni)

#4 Utilize micro-blogging enhance strategy for business marketing of advertisement (Owen)

#5 Reputation management and recovery in times of crisis (Danny)

Some blog providers:

  1. Blogger: The blog was merged in 2003 by Google. Blogger has high custom and no advertisements. Therefore, they are one of the largest blogging platforms.
  2. WordPress.com: Automattic provides blog writing and publishing service in 2003. The blog also has high custom and no advertisements. Besides, they are one of the largest blogging platforms

Some micro-blogging providers:

Twitter: They provide micro-blogging service start from 2006. Some people say Twitter is similar the Internet’s short message service.

Plurk: This is micro-blogging social networking sites. The website was started by 2008. Although Plurk function is similar Twitter, they have a timeline which record this user with friends chatting history.

Google Buzz: The micro-blogging was developed by Google. Google Buzz is integrated in gmail. However, Google develops Google+ and stops Google Buzz service in 2011.

Jaiku:  Jaiku is a social networking sites and micro-blogging service. The function is similar Twitter. Jaiku started from 2006, and was merged in 2007 by Google. Especially, Jaiku provides lifestreaming function which integrates numerous the Internet activities, such as Flickr photo and Last.fm music.

Some strategies using in organization

  1. Integrate micro-blogging become a communication plan: Customers can provide their feedback which is consuming experience and opinion in micro-blogging. Staffs share their product develop plans and ideas. In this section, micro-blogging can separate external and internal.
  2. Follow competitors and counterattack their policy: Micro-blogging provides a platform which can get competitors information and monitor state. When corporations know competitors have a new policy, they can immediately strike back it. Besides, they also can observe competitors with their followers’ interaction.
  3. Timely hold sales promotion and give some vouchers: In micro-blogging, corporation can timely hold activities which can increase company followers. Putting some special title and attract guests attention.

Starbucks’ case study

Starbucks using Twitter has a long time now. They share some interesting activities, music information and charity-related topics in Twitter. They also use Twitter communication with their customers. Besides, Starbucks has over 30000 followers who   not only attend entertainment, but also focus other topic, such as charity-related. As a result, Starbucks already accept micro-blogging as a new way of customer relationship management.


  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress.com
  3. Twitter
  4. Plurk
  5. Starbucks
  6. Starbucks Twitter
  7. Coffee Break: How coffee companies do micro-blogging
  8. Implementing a successful corporate micro-blogging strategy
  9. Enterprise Micro blog architecture
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18 Responses to Micro-blogging strategies in organization

  1. atang28 says:

    Hey Rick, good blog and some good strategies you have included, following competitors and employing couterattacking their policy is a good way to stay in touch with your competitors or even get ahead of them. Sales and promotions is a great way of keeping followers interested so they won’t drift of to other similar companies.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hi Andy,
      In my opinion, micro-blogging will help corporations catch competitors dynamic information immediately. Besides, corporations also can through micro-blogging interation with their customers. As a result, micro-blogging has a positive influence in companies.

  2. Hi Rick,

    Nice post. I think micro-blogging is so useful because it allows organizations to push the short, important details right out to a big organization in a short period of time. With Twitter’s booming user base it certainly seems to be the weapon of choice for most organizations, too. I particularly liked the strategy regarding sales over micro-blogging tools, it’s a great way to give your organization the occasional surge in user activity to keep your name in the mind of the consumer! Will be checking back for more posts in the future 🙂 Which organization did you and your group decide to use for your proposal?

    Mark Richardson.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Mark,
      I think is much better blogging type because people do not spend a lot of time write their blog content. People just write down their immediate thinking that is all. Besides, our group will choose organization which is called ProMOS. ProMOS produces Random Access Memory (RAM) corporation. Our group will discuss more strategies in our assessment.

  3. Liru says:

    Micro-blogging is more convenient with people who do not need to write a lot of characters in post. It means people can write down their dynamic information at any time. In user point of view, micro-blogging has more easily to use feature.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      In my opinion, if people do not need to write a lot of characters in post, they will more motivation post their dynamic information. As a result, micro-blogging is a kind of useful social media.

  4. EDIE CHENG says:

    Hey, dude, it’s a great post 🙂 However, it would be better if organization can treat internal and external microblogging separately due to their unique nature and different concerns upon contents and regulations. In my opinion, considering about the the security issues and intellectual property, Yammer would be better for internal microblogging use while external ones can go with Twitter or other similar platforms.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello jie jie,
      I think if corporation can separate internal and external micro-blogging, manager will easily administer their information. Absolutely, firm also need to notice their security issues and intellectual property. Hence, company divides internal and external micro-blogging which can avoid security of information issues.

  5. sukhshans says:

    Very good strategies and case study on Starbucks. Engaging with the customers is a very good method to increase customer relationship as well as providing information such as promotions and announcements. While micro-blogging can be used to counterattack policies, in my opinion, it could be a very risky move where the short amount of words used in micro-blogging could be interpreted as an attack or a statement that can be taken legal action.


    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hi Sukshan,
      In my opinion, organization propagates promotion activities in micro-blogging is so useful. However, they need to careful promotion approachs. If corporations just reply competitors policy, it is ok. Companies do not use any slanderous words because it can ensure firms do not have law problems.

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  9. Denni says:

    Hello Rick
    Good example of Starbucks, as we know it to use Twitter to increase in popularity, like Boost drinks shop in Australia they use Twitter or Facebook to create other customer base, so that they can produce amazing results.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Denni,
      I think Starbucks using Twitter and Facebook which may successfully propagate advertisements. If they have some effective advertisements, their shops will striking growth of turnover.

  10. Areej Faisal says:

    Hi Rick,
    This is a good post and I like the way you have listed the blog providers. It is interesting to see what is around at this point in time, imagine what it will be in 10 years time (more or less blog providers?). Yes, and it is a good option to allow for mircoblog for a few reasons, but a good one is that it can allow a person to be concise in their response and allow a better discussion of the topic.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Areej,
      Thanks for you leave a comment for me. I think micro-blogging the most feature is users do not need to write down a lot of characters in post. Hence, people can fast post their immediate state. This is why micro-blogging become popular reason.

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