Wiki in enterprise

Our week 9 mission is Wiki in enterprise. According to assignment 2, our blog need to relate to our choose organization. Hence, let’s start off with a brief introduction to the company that myself and my group members Andy, Rick, Owen, Denni and Danny. We are going to be working on, ProMOS.

According to this week topic is wiki, so I will describe some wiki features first. Wiki is kind of hypertext which is multi-people collaborate and create system. They allow users add, modify and delete content via a web browser. Ward Cunningham defines wiki is social computing system that allows a group of users using simple descriptions to create and connect a set of web pages. Based on wiki has security issues, users using need to be careful. However, wiki has multi-people modify features, so some corporations still use it to help customers developing their project documents.

There are some characteristic when corporations using wiki in their company

  1. Project Management
  2. Technology support
  3. Research and development
  4. Event planning
  5. Reference material
  6. Customer relationship management
  7. Collaborative document production
  8. Collaboration with external parties

ProMOS is an information technology hardware manufacturer which manufactures Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). However, the corporation does not use enough social media, such as wiki. Hence, I provide some strategies to solve their problems.

1. They need to extension and develop wiki slides which can get internal and external customers opinion

We find they lack of enough internal and external between staffs and customers communication platforms. In wiki website, users cannot find any information about ProMOS. Hence, they should immediately create a wiki that can easily collect employees and customers’ comments. As a result, guest may smoothly search ProMOS related information, such as development history, organization framework and operation process.

2. Wiki pages separate internal and external communication

According to wiki is a multi-people modify system, ProMOS need to separate two different pages. In internal page, there are only staffs and relate customers can edit here. Hence, staffs may report their working progress and developing process that help customers monitor and understand product situation. Besides, clients may provide their products’ requirement and structure, and also give some feedback for the company. It can successfully improve products disadvantages and increase products quality. As a result, wiki has a positive influence in corporations.

Group members strategies:

#1 Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge (Andy)

#2 Internal and external wiki communication in corporation (Rick)

#3 Organization Integration Plan (Denni)

#4  Raise productivity (Owen)

#5 Generation, design and control new projects in the company (Danny)


  1. ProMOS
  2. Wiki
  3. Why do we need a Corporate Strategy Wiki?
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16 Responses to Wiki in enterprise

  1. atang28 says:

    Hey Rick, good Blog! I agree that internal and external wiki use should be implemented by ProMOS, as you stated, It can successfully improve products disadvantages and increase products quality.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      I think separate two different wiki pages are more helpful. According to security of information, staffs using internal wiki page do not need to worry about information disclosure issues.

    • Denni says:

      Right. The class EP2.0 course taught many of business strategy and risk. Use Wiki as an organization’s integration strategy is a good open so that, not just internal or professionals know that this organization is doing, but let everyone about this organization’s development and future prospects, expectations … etc.
      And so on, and-effective update company information to let everyone know that not only is the traditional sunset industry.

      • WANG, Rick says:

        Yes. I think show some organizational development and future prospects is good idea. It is not only organization can get development goals, but also customers and manufacturers know the corporation’s purpose. Thus, firms have a positive motivation of development.

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  3. chunweiin346 says:

    Not bad idea , I think Event planning is a significant part for recording the history and background for organization which allows more external users attention.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      In my opinion, wiki has a feature which is history record. Hence, people can see who is modify before, and what things they add it. Consequently, users may compare their before wiki pages and now.

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  5. sukhshans says:

    Many organizations have not yet implemented wikis in the working environment. Wikis is a great way to store the a lot of information that can help share the information around in the organization. While the information might go unchecked, vital importation that could effect the company could also be posted by anyone. In my opinion, Wikis used externally should be properly separated from the internal wikis to make sure that sensitive information do not get leaked out.


    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hi Sukshan,
      I think a lot of organization does not create wiki pages because it related to information security issues. Thus, I indicate corporations can separate two different wiki pages which one is internal page another one is external page. That will effectively manage information security in organization.

  6. Hi Rick,
    Very good strategies and that will protect the organization sensitive information and enhance internal and external users to collaborate between them separately.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      I think separate different wiki type may effectively manage organizational information. Besides, if corporations separate their wiki type, they also can avoid business secret to be divulged.

  7. EDIE CHENG says:

    Hey Rick,

    I agree with Sukshan’s argument that internal and external implementations of wiki should be carefully segmented and maintained by a well-defined editorial infrastructure. However, I do believe that with appropriate assessment of the integration of internal and external wiki platforms, it might worth a try, considering about the invaluable collaborative knowledge can be generated from that.

    By the way, i am a bit confusing about the role of “customers” that you mentioned in your second strategy. Do you mean by the stakeholders and buyers, or simply target customers of the company?


    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Edie,
      Simply speaking, my second strategy is separated into two parts, one is organizational staffs and related people (e.g. stakeholders ), another is non-related people. If manufacturers are related in this project, they also belong to internal communication. Thus, external pages are belong to general consumers and other non-related people (e.g. non-related stakeholders ).

  8. Areej Faisal says:

    From what you have described ProMOS needs to have wiki incorporated to allow for more effective business between internal and external customers (new and potential). It is important for the organisation using ProMOS and wiki to carefully research and implement each of the characteristics you have listed. I am interested in the Research and Development characteristic and how this could evolve and work for the organisation once the program is fully operational.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Areej,
      Due to our search result, we cannot find any ProMOS wiki pages. Thus, we suggest ProMOS creates their wiki pages which is kind of simple and useful social media. Our group will focus on how can improve ProMOS’s social media issues and what kind of approach can introduce social media in their company.

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