Organization combine social network in their operation

We already know social media will positive influence in organization. Thus, we can think how can combine social network in company. We get some information which is ProMOS does not use Facebook and Twitter in their firm. Therefore, we can think what kinds of challenge they will face it, and create some strategies solve their problems.

According to their network situation, ProMOS between internal and external network cannot connect together. We can create below strategies to solve their problems in the future. There are 5 steps to an effective social media strategy:

  1. Assessment
  2. Implementation
  3. Monitor
  4. Measure
  5. Momentum

I will describe second one section (implementation), and my group members will describe other section.Corporations may introduce and implement Facebook and Twitter in their organization.


Due to Facebook has below features, thus it will positive influence in company.

  1. Profiles
  2. Wall
  3. Pokes
  4. Photos
  5. Status
  6. Dynamic privacy
  7. Chat
  8. Gifts
  9. Groups and Fan Pages
  10.  Open API


  1. Subscription
  2. Immediateness
  3. Hashtags
  4. Shortened URLs


  1. Create a group: It is not public group, only related manufacturers and team members can join it.
  2. Describe organization anticipate goals
  3. Share idea
  4. Product develop process and progress
  5. Items developed divide the work
  6. Create item draft
  7. Vote different opinion


  1. Create a fan pages
  2. Update related product information
  3. Hold some activities attract more consumers follow fan pages (e.g. lottery draw)
  4. Collaborate with other manufacturers and persuade them integrate product sell
  5. Display products information
  6. Extend market business
  7. Collect consumers feedback

When ProMOS implement social network, it will have some result. They may get some benefits in their internal and external section.

Internal section

  1. Quickly get expertise and resources
  2. Get some innovative idea
  3. Enhance collaboration with manufacturers
  4. Effective leadership development and moral

External section

  1. Strengthen customer and consumer relationships
  2. Easily contact with clients, suppliers, stakeholders and partners
  3. Effectively increase reputation

Group members strategies:

#1  Assessment of Organization (Andy)

#2 Social network implementation in organization (Rick)

#3 Monitoring (Danny)

#4 Using social networking to measure in an organization (Denni)

#5 Social network gains momentum at business (Owen)


  1. 3 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy
  2. 8 Useful Tips To Become Successful With Twitter
  3. Facebook Hits One Billion Active Users


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10 Responses to Organization combine social network in their operation

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  2. atang28 says:

    Hey Rick, yes Implementation is the 2nd phase of your social network strategy, and an important part. The use of facebook, twitter and EVEN Linkedin can be used internally and externally, to boost ProMOS’s web presence. 🙂

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hi Andy,
      In implementation section, consumer and organization will feel it is different than before. Thus, social network combine in corporation will effectively improve ProMOS present predicament.

  3. sukhshans says:

    Great ideas on how social media can be implemented internal and externally. One interesting point was the use of external social media such as Facebook for lucky draw. I have never come across the idea and am very much interested to know more. Can you elaborate more on how lucky draws can happen using social media?


    • WANG, Rick says:

      Corporations may hold some activities, such as online market survey and questionnaire. When people finish the survey, they can submit and get lottery draw qualifications. Rewards can use company products because it can propagate their products through lottery draw. Thus, I think firms use social media will achieve promotional purposes.

  4. Areej Faisal says:

    I will comment on the external section of the effective social media strategy. It is important to a business to allow for meaningful and effective marketing. The 3 points made in the external section of your blog, seem very useful. The external customers (corporations) would benefit from including a well thought out external section, particularly to increase the reputation of the organisation. Also corporations would be able to access the information they need much more quickly with a program that can introduce and implement Facebook and Twitter.

    • WANG, Rick says:

      Hello Areej,
      I think a lot of organization cannot manage well their social media in external section. Due to relevant business secret, a lot of be afraid of use social media even prohibit it. Thus, if corporations can suitably utilize social media, I believe social media will bring wide benefits.

  5. Hi Rick,
    Implementing the social media externally will definitely have a positive influence in company.
    Great Post

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  7. WANG, Rick says:

    I think organization implement social network will some influence. However, they need to consider what kind of influence will in their company. Is it positive influence or not? Thus, corporations should carefully thinking their social network strategies.

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